Courses and parts thereof

NARIT-EACOA Astrostats/Astroinformatics

The NARIT-EACOA summer workshop on Astrostatistics and Astroinformatics, Chiang Mai, Aug 2019.

GROWTH Astronomy Schools

Global Relay of Observatories Watching Transients Happen (GROWTH) Astronomy Schools. IIT Bombay (Dec 2018) and San Diego State University (Aug 2019)

La Serena School for Data Science

La Serena School for Data Science (LSSDS), La Serena, Chile (Aug 2017 and Aug 2018)

Games, Math, and Coding

Games, Math, and Coding (aimed at Middle-schoolers)

Big Data in Astronomy

Big Data in Astronomy workshop at ASI 2016

Ay/Bi informatics at Caltech

Parts of Ay/Bi informatics courses at Caltech - multiple years

Bigdata School on Coursera

Bigdata School on Coursera (Sep 2-15, 2014) Caltech Flip-classroom versions: 2015, 2016

Python workshop

Python workshop offered in early 2014